Sheet Music For Flutes

We have new arrangements and original compositions. 

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Winter Drifting Flute Duet

by Barbara A. Eberhart

for Flute & Bass Flute  or

Alto Flute & Bass Flute

In Alaska snow drifts swirl in the winter wind as we ski on lighted trails through the 

forest after dark. It is magical. "Winter Drifting" was written as a Christmas gift to  the extraordinary Cait McPhee who has supported the Alaska Flute Studies Center with her wonderful flute playing and kind gentleness as she has helped many students learn to perform.

Windweaver Flute Trio

by Barbara A. Eberhart

for 3 C-flutes

Written in the K'au District on the Island of Hawai'i, this piece for flute trio captures the sound of the wind rising in the distance off the ocean and whispering through the old growth, ohia trees. There is a gentle 'whoosh' as the wind brushes past your ears. A careful listener will hear that wind from old Hawai'i.  Written in 2007, "Windweaver" has become a favorite of flutists and audiences at the Alaska Flute Studies Center in Anchorage, Alaska.


by  Scott Joplin 

arranged for Flute Choir

by  Barbara A. Eberhart  

Solace written by Scott Joplin in 1909, is subtitled "A Mexican Serenade." It is a nostalgic piece that is fun for performers and sentimental for audiences. The ending of "Solace" is recognizable as the theme music from the movie "The Sting." This arrangement is for 5 flutes with optional alto, bass and contrabass flute parts.

The  Mysterious Barricades

by  François  Couperin

arranged for Flute Choir

by  Barbara A. Eberhart  

The Mysterious Barricades by François Couperin was written in 1717 for harpsichord. This arrangement is in 5 parts for Flute 1, Flute 2, Alto, Bass and Contrabass Flutes. The piece is in the Style Brisé of the French Baroque.  The music is syncopated and the melodic line ambiguous. With arranging this work for flute ensemble the character of the piece is changed through the flutes’ ability to sustain notes. It enables a darker more blended tone enhancing the sense of mystery of this unusual piece. The typical Baroque embellishments were purposefully omitted; however performers should feel free to add stylistic embellishments.s.

Calendar Suite 

for Flute Quartet

by  Barbara A.  Eberhart 

This is a work in progress. As each month is written, the Arctic Wind Flute Choir premieres the piece. These quartets are written for intermediate level flutists.

Merrily Mary

by  Barbara A.  Eberhart 

 Merrily Mary is a Flute Quartet for beginners. It is scored for 4  C-Flutes with optional Alto and Bass flute parts. This quartet includes a hidden "Mary Had a Little Lamb" since it is inevitable that every beginning student plays that melody.