Super Flutes! Class for Beginners


 Learn the shortcuts for sounding great on flute! Super Flutes students will learn the fundamentals of flute playing through lively, interactive activities and performances. This beginner level class is perfect for first-time flute players.

Arctic Wind Flute Choir II


The intermediate flute choir builds off of the skills acquired in the beginner class. Students will continue working with their instrument through ensemble rehearsals and performances. They often perform with the advanced flutists.

The Arctic Wind Flute Choir


 An elite performing ensemble for students serious about their playing. It features southcentral Alaska’s best students flutists along with professionals. Members play on the full range of flutes including piccolo, C-flute, alto, bass and contra-bass flutes giving depth and resonance to the warm tone color of the  ensemble. 

Flute Lessons

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Flute Lessons at the Alaska Flute Studies Center are more than simply learning to play the flute. They are a unique opportunity for students to develop skills as well-rounded musicians including knowledge of applied music theory, practical performing skills, and an understanding of music history and performance styles.

Initially, the focus of the lessons and home practice will be on the fundamentals of learning notes and rhythms, tone and breath control, technique (scales), and repertoire including technical studies, solos and duets.  A minimum of 45 minutes a day of practice is strongly recommended at this basic level.  As students progress with their flute studies, they will develop increased technical proficiency, expand their knowledge of flute repertoire, refine performance control and select special projects such as improvisation, composition and conducting.

There are numerous local, state and national flute competitions and auditions available for students. Students will be kept informed of their opportunities and if they choose to participate, will be carefully guided through the preparation and performance process.