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Northern Aurora Flute Ensemble - Between the Seas


Barbara  Eberhart, Director

Makala  Bascome

Ashley Cossentine

Cait McPhee

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As we live in Alaska, a  land between the seas, and journey to lands across  the seas, we have  been inspired by the people and places we visit. From our performance at the Saint Helen Church in York, to the white sand beach of the Kona Coast, we feature the surrounding sounds through our selection of music. Between  the Seas includes  compositions from Scotland, England, Japan and the United States. It is a silver service; vignettes of sound crafted for flutes. 

Northern Aurora Flute Ensemble is an elite performing group and a close-knit  team of dedicated teachers at the Alaska Flute  Studies Center. Their goal is to inspire audiences through music by performing  works of  contemporary composers as the ensemble travels the world. They have toured Scotland, England, France and New Zealand, California and Hawaii, as well as to towns and villages throughout Alaska. Along with the  standard concert flute, the members  perform on piccolo, alto, bass, and contrabass flutes. Collectively, the core quartet has over 75 years of playing experience, sharing their music with audiences around the world.  

Cover art is a section of “Sea Impressions” an original acrylic 
by Sophia Eberhart ©2012
Cover art is a section of “Sea Impressions” an original acrylic by Sophia Eberhart ©2012

Arctic Wind Flute Choir - The Sky's No Limit


Recorded by the ensemble of advanced high school flutists
in Anchorage, Alaska.

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The Arctic Wind Flute Choir is an elite performing ensemble featuring southcentral Alaska’s best high school flutists. Placement in the ensemble is by rigorous audition.  Members play on the full range of flutes including piccolo, C-flute, E-flat flute, alto, bass and contrabass flutes, giving depth and resonance to the warm tone color of the ensemble. From energetic gigues to soulful hymns, the repertoire performed by Arctic Wind Flute Choir spans the centuries, music from all eras that lifts the heart and soothes the soul.
The Arctic Wind Flute Choir has a rich tradition of performance. It developed from the Anchorage Flute Choir founded in 1984. The flute choir program has three flute ensembles providing music performance opportunities for flutists of all ages and ability levels. The Arctic Wind Flute Choir is the top performing ensemble and has been featured on both national and international concert tours. International tours have included a Paris-London Tour, two tours to New Zealand and U.K. tour to London, York and Edinburgh.

Cover photo by Katie Eberhart ©2005
Cover photo by Katie Eberhart ©2005