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Alaska Flute Studies Center

Welcome to the Alaska Flute Studies Center

The Alaska Flute Studies Center (AFSC) is a membership organization for flutists of all levels from beginning students to professionals. It is a resource center for flutists that provides education and performance opportunities, plus serves as a support network with publicity, referrals and information. The Alaska Flute Studies Center provides professional support for teachers and performers through its referral service and concert promotion and offers student flutists the highest quality educational and performing opportunities. Students in grades 7-12 may audition for the Arctic Wind Flute Choir or the Arctic Wind Junior Flute Choir (formerly the Anchorage Flute Choir). Classes in music theory are offered students of all ages and instruments. The AFSC music lending library is available to members by appointment. The annual fee for membership in the Alaska Flute Studies Center is $25 for adults and $15 for students.

Flute Choirs and Classes for Students

Arctic Wind Flute Choir
Barbara Eberhart, Director

Arctic Wind Flute Choir II
Barbara Eberhart & Caitlin Ward, Directors

Super Flutes! Class for Beginners
Barbara Eberhart, Instructor

The Arctic Wind Flute Choir and Junior Flute Choir at the Alaska Flute Studies Center are for all students. The ensembles have a full season of rehearsals and performances September to June. Placement in these ensembles is by audition and is based on ability, not age. The students learn a substantial amount of repertoire from all style periods and perform in both formal and informal concerts throughout the season. The groups work intensely in lively rehearsals on intonation, balance, blend and musical expression.

Music Theory Instruction

Based on the Association Board of the Royal Schools of Music Theory Program

Music Theory Classes

The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) was established in London, England in 1889 with the aim of presenting a structured, graded music examination scheme with clear objectives and recognized standards of excellence. The ABRSM Theory Program is a progressive system of theory instruction in which students work at their own pace through graded levels of music theory. This class presents an opportunity for students to achieve a high level of music theory competence. Each student will be evaluated at the start of the program for placement at the appropriate level. The optional final exam is offered three times each year in the United States. It is a proctored test that is sent to the Associated Board offices in London for grading. Students who pass their level test are awarded an international certificate from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.

Teacher Referrals

The Alaska Flute Studies Center serves as a referral service for teachers who are members. Individuals looking for instruction can either phone AFSC or visit the webpage for up to date information on flute teachers in the greater Anchorage area.

Concert Promotion

The AFSC database and e-mail list will be used to assist members in promoting performances, masterclasses and special flute events.

The Lending Library

AFSC provides access to an extensive collection of flute solo and ensemble music, music textbooks and information on pedagogy. Items from the collection are available for members to check out on a two week basis. In addition, there is resource information available for flutists interested in competitions and scholarships.


Information on flute events will be periodically e-mailed to all members. This includes notices for concerts, recitals, auditions and scholarship opportunities.

Turnagain Community Arts Alliance

The Alaska Flute Studies Center is a member of the Turnagain Community Arts Alliance (TCAA), a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation. TCAA provides a network of support for Alaskan artists, musicians and teacher of art and music; quality learning opportunities for students of all ages; quality public performances featuring the talents of TCAA members and supports its members in their autonomous business pursuits.

For more information Contact Barbara Eberhart (336-5991)

Alaska Flute Studies Center Membership Registration

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