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Cait McPhee teaches at the Alaska Flute Studies Center in the Turnagain Arts Building, Anchorage. She can be reached through the Alaska Flute Studies Center.

Cait McPhee
Flute Instruction

Cait McPhee has been playing flute for 15 years and currently performs with the Northern Aurora Flute Ensemble. She is the Co-Director for the Arctic Wind Flute Choirs and teaches flute at the Alaska Flute Studies Center. Caitlin is currently working towards her bachelors of accounting while working in the accounting department at Northrim Bank.

Caitlin’s love of flute began in the 5th grade when she started taking lessons from Marianne Johnstone-Petty. She played flute all through her school years, playing in band and honor band. In high school she began studying with Barbara Eberhart and joined the Arctic Wind Flute Choir. Caitlin performed with the Arctic Wind Flute Choir for six years which included traveling with the ensemble on international tours to England and Scotland, and to New Zealand. Caitlin competed in the Solo and Ensemble Competition for 4 years, taking 3rd in state with a trio her junior year. She maintained a rigorous performing schedule with Fireweed Flutes for one season. Now, she performs with the Northern Aurora Flute Ensemble, recently completing a cd recording and concert tours in Alaska and Hawaii. Besides playing the flute, she also enjoys fishing, riding horses, hiking, and running.

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