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“The Sky’s No Limit”

Recorded by the 2005 ensemble of
advanced high school flutists in Anchorage, Alaska.

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The Arctic Wind Flute Choir is an elite performing ensemble featuring southcentral Alaska’s best high school flutists.  Placement in the ensemble is by rigorous audition.  Members play on the full range of flutes including piccolo, C-flute, E-flat flute, alto, bass and contrabass flutes, giving depth and resonance to the warm tone color of the ensemble.  From energetic gigues to soulful hymns, the repertoire performed by Arctic Wind Flute Choir spans the centuries, music from all eras that lifts the heart and soothes the soul.

The Arctic Wind Flute Choir has a rich tradition of performance.  It developed from the Anchorage Flute Choir founded in 1984.  Now, the flute choir program has four flute choirs with three conductors providing music performance opportunities for flutists of all ages and ability levels.  The Arctic Wind Flute Choir is the top performing ensemble and has been featured on both national and international concert tours.  In 2004, the ensemble toured to Paris and London, in 2006, to New Zealand.

Uncharted Paths by Deborah Anderson (Alry)
1.        Vol de Nuit 3:33
2.        Encounter 4:04
3.        Reflection  2:04
Concerto in A Minor by JB Boismortier
4.        Allegro 1:49
5.        Largo 2:31
6.        Allegro  2:19
Serenade op. 11 by Dag Wiren arranged by Shaul Ben-Meir (Megido Music Publications)
7.        Preludium 3:54
8.        Andante 4:27
9.        Scherzo 4:22
Adventures in Space by Ricky Lombardo (Lombardo Music Publications)
11.        Journey from Earth 2:53
12.        Moonwalkin’ 3:18
13.        Aboard the Lunar Explorer 1:07
14.        In Search of the Plutonians 3:14
15.        Reentry 2:01
16. The Global Village Samba by Anthony G. Holland
17. Solace by Scott Joplin arranged by Barbara A. Eberhart 5:46
18. Lunar Elevation by Bill Holcombe 3:20

Arctic Wind Flute Choir - 2005
Barbara A. Eberhart, Director

Kirsten Adams
Jasmine Brown
Kathryn Dillbeck
Sarah Gerd
Caitlin Hammaker
Megan Hurst
Amelia Josephson
Ceylon Mitchell, II
Alicia “AJ” Moyer
Lana Tyson

*drums on Lunar Elevation, Vinnie Palazzotto

Engineered and mixed by
Liam Devlin
Adam Swenson
Ken Sease
at Mirror Studios
3700 Woodland Dr, Ste 100
Anchorage, AK  99517

Produced by Barbara A. Eberhart, Alaska Flute Studies Center

Photo credit: Kathryn C. Eberhart

Graphic design and cd duplication by BuzzBizz Studios, Anchorage, Alaska.

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