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Arctic Wind Flute Choir
History and Tours

The Arctic Wind Flute Choir developed out of the tradition established by the Anchorage Flute Choir founded in 1984. Alaska has maintained a vital flute community for decades with the Anchorage Flute Choir being the focal point of many activities. In 1999, Barbara Eberhart took over as director of the Anchorage Flute Choir. She was joined by Gail Paine in 2001 to conduct the junior flute choir. After Gail's departure from Alaska in 2004, the Junior Flute Choir was conducted by Dr. Laura Koenig, followed by Sue Riehle and is now conducted jointly by Barbara Eberhart and Cait McPhee. In addition the Super Flutes! class for beginners taught by Barbara Eberhart has been added to the program. Each season the Arctic Wind Flute Choir performs a series of formal concerts plus informal community showcase performances.

Prior to its first national tour, the flute choir changed its name to “Arctic Wind Flute Choir” to better reflect the regional diversity of the members. The Arctic Wind Flute Choir program continues to include three separate training ensembles:

Concert and Tour Photos | More Tour Photos

Arctic Wind Flute Choir in New Zealand 2011
Caitlin Ward, Melissa Cunniff, AJ Moyer, Ashley Noland, Inga Dye, Makala Bascome, Barbara Eberhart,
Tiffanie Wangrud, Maddy Moore, Zachary Hunter, Rachel Land, Lois Guinn, Lena Funk, Mimi Ahn

Arctic Wind Flute Choir performed a Benefit Concert Sunday May 1, 2011 to aid the earthquake stricken Christchurch School of Music in Christchurch, New Zealand. The Flute Choir was joined by flutists from throughout the community for the grand finale.

Arctic Wind Flute Choir in Edinburgh, Scotland 2009

Front Row: Inga Dye, John Goertz, Esther Lee, Ashley Noland, Tony Collins, Alexa Dobson, Lois Guinn, Barbara Eberhart (Director)
Back Row: Catilin Ward, AJ Moyer, Jung-Yoon Kim, Mimi Ahn, Melissa Cunniff, Makala Bascome, Jennifer Sakamoto,

Arctic Wind Flute Choir at Anchorage International Airport 2009

Front Row: Jung-Yoon Kim, Makala Bascome, Lois Guinn, Mimi Ahn, Esther Lee, Caitlin Ward
Back Row: John Goertz, Melissa Cunniff, Jennifer Sakamoto, Inga Dye, Alexa Dobson

Arctic Wind Flute Choir at Bilbo Baggin's Party Tree - New Zealand Tour 2006

Front Row: Barbara Kagerer, Megan Hurst, Jung-Yoon Kim, AJ Moyer, Rebecca See, Barbara Eberhart, So Yeong Choi, Ashley Noland
Back Row: Bryce Jarvis,Katie Dillbeck,Ceylon Mitchell II, Katy Simenson, Stan Selman, Kirsten Adams, Tony Collins

photo by Taylor Selman

Arctic Wind Flute Choir 2005-2006

Front Row: Jung-Yoon Kim, Megan Hurst, Caitlin Hammaker, Ashley Noland, So Yeong Choi, Katie Dillbeck, AJ Moyer
Back Row: Bryce Jarvis, Katy Simenson, Kirsten Adams, Ceylon Mitchell II, Tony Collins, Barbara Eberhart (Director)

photo by Taylor Selman

Arctic Wind Junior Flute Choir 2005-2006

Front Row: Patricia Gallardo, Tammera Steele
Back Row: Emily Berger, Makala Bascome, Sarah Im, Hannah Eggeling, Laura Koenig (Director)

photo by Taylor Selman

   Arctic Wind Preparatory Flute Choir 2005-2006

Front Row: Victoria Adams, Tanner Lunetta
Back Row: Breanna Moore, Anna Wichorek, Mimi Ahn, Kirsten Adams (Director)

Arctic Wind Flute Choir Summer Tour 2004 at the Royal College of Music, London

Front Row: Jennifer Burkhart, Sarah Gollub, Cecelia Frey
Middle Row: Jasmine Brown, Guerin Platte, Alicia Moyer, Lana Tyson, Britta Grange
Back Row: Milly Josephson, Kimberlee Kogane, Lindsay Underwood, Kirsten Adams, Barbara Eberhart (Director)

Arctic Wind Flute Choir Concert
March 16, 2003
Front Row: Alicia Moyer, Jenna Cho Hee Combs, Kaylie Turner, Sarah Aarons
Back Row: Barbara Eberhart (Director), Jasmine Brown, Dana Collins, Sarah Gollub, Kimberlee Kogane, Cedar Rozzi

Arctic Wind Flute Choir Summer Tour 2002 California
Natasha Niver, Cecelia Frey, Sarah Gollub, Sarah Aarons, Jennifer Burkhart, Rebecca Wolverton, Kaylie Turner, Cedar Rozzi, Meredith Womac, Kimberlee Kogane, Barbara Eberhart (Director)


Special Arctic Wind Flute Choir Performances

Sunday April 18, 2004 Anchorage Lutheran Church, Anchorage, Alaska

The Arctic Wind Flute Choir received a special invitation to perform for the Mayor's Diversity Appreciation and Awards Dinner Saturday October 1, 2005, Anchorage, Alaska

Regional Tours and Concerts
Saturday February 4, 2006 Talkeetna Roadhouse, Talkeetna, Alaska
Sponsored by the Talkeetna Roadhouse

Saturday April 1, 2006 Palmer, Alaska

Friday December 15, 2006 Vagabond Blues in Palmer, Alaska

Friday May 16, 2008 Palmer, Alaska

Saturday April 10, 2010 Talkeetna Roadhouse, Talkeetna, Alaska


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